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10837 Boyette Rd.

Riverview, FL 33569

Phone: 813-671-1919

Hours of Operation:
Mon – Thurs: 11:00am – 7:00pm
Fridays & Saturdays: by appointment only

Across the street from the Post Office. Enter between Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union and Boyette Animal Hospital.


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Riverview FL Tutoring Reading Tutors

Reading Tutoring

The KnowledgePoints Reading Program focuses on the skill areas of phonics, sight vocabulary, functional vocabulary, comprehension, and oral reading fluency.

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Riverview Math Tutoring

Math Tutoring

KnowledgePoints Learning Centers offer proven tutoring programs in math, ranging from basic math help to pre-algebra, algebra and geometry..

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Writing Program Tutoring Rivervivew Florida

Writing Program

Whether you have an aspiring journalist or your child is experiencing difficulty in basic writing skills, KnowledgePoints will help your child develop the skills to prepare them to write their own future..

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Riverview SAT / ACT Prep

SAT/ACT Test Prep

Our individualized program is tailored to each student’s needs, teaching the test-taking strategies needed to score big on the test, while also strengthening the skills necessary to be successful in college.

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What Parents are Saying…

For my entire schooling career I’ve lacked confidence in my mathematics skills. Thanks to your support and persistent tutors, I’ve made extreme progress and can honestly say I’m proud of myself. I’m in a place where I never thought I would be and can’t express that enough. Knowledgepoints has been an incredible step forward for me and my grades. Thank you!
Jessye C.
Austin made straight A’s on his report card! We were initially a little anxious about his transition to middle school but his tutoring made him so much more confident that he has thrived. In fact, his teacher has him as a peer tutor in what used to be his most challenging subject!
Angie D.
Thank you for helping me prepare for both the SAT and the ACT. My scores went up in every section on both tests! I am very pleased with my scores and I truly enjoyed the tutoring sessions.
Audrey L.
Both of my boys are now doing great in the subjects they received tutoring in. In fact, Trey went from struggling in math to having a 99% in his math class! They both were in need of help, and both truly benefitted from their tutoring at KnowledgePoints. Thank you and I will recommend you to anyone I know who is seeking help for their children.
Michelle B.
My daughter Brianna was a good student, but Knowledge- Points took her to the next level. With the hard working teachers at KnowledgePoints Brianna has advanced to a straight A student for both of the first quarters of this school year! I would highly recommend KnowledgePoints for any student needing that extra help.
We just met with Dylan’s new teachers and they said that he isn’t the kid they expected based on the notes from last year’s teachers. With where he is now they knew that Dylan must have been doing something over the summer, so I owe that all to you. Dylan can actually sit and read me a whole story now. I’m so happy for what you all have done for my son, thanks for everything! There’s been a big change in our eyes and I’m very proud of him.
Mrs. R.
We’ve already seen so much growth with Chris’ reading. Suddenly everywhere we go he’s reading things that I was having to read to him not long ago. He also now comes home from after-school care with his homework already completed – we realized he wasn’t doing it there previously because he couldn’t fully read the directions. What a difference! And he loves going to KnowledgePoints. We were recently considering keeping him home from school for the day because we were all fighting a little sickness, and when I asked him about it his response was ‘If I stay home from school, you won’t make me miss KnowledgePoints too will you? Wow!
Kim C.
Austin had not been attending KnowledgePoints for more than a month when his teacher told us she noticed a change in him and asked if we were doing anything different. Even our daughter noticed a difference and commented on it. She wanted to attend as well so we enrolled her the following month. Both have made great progress and they actually have fun while they’re there – they truly look forward to it. I am so happy with Knowledge Points and “homework time” is so much more enjoyable!!
D'Anne B .
Alex has really turned things around. He had an F in math and has brought his grade up to a B in less than 2 months! This has been fantastic for us!
Nydia F.
I thank you for your help with Jaime. As soon as we can, we would like to get her on your schedule for additional hours. We acknowledge you and KnowledgePoints for the positive improvement you make in Jaime’s life. KnowledgePoints has been a LAE (life altering event) in Jaime’s life and I am eternally grateful.
Jane S.
Sarah is doing so well – she never used to want to read and now she wants to read me everything she gets her hands on. Even when we’re watching television, she reads any words that come up on screen aloud to me. We are so happy to have her back on track!
Fran F.
Our home life was miserable. Homework was a daily fight and there was constant arguing. We kept hearing from the teacher how he was getting into trouble during class and I would get on him, then my husband would get on him when he got home, and I felt like we were constantly punishing him from TV, the Wii…everything. Now things have turned around completely. He’s doing great in school, got his first “S” in reading, and our home life is fun and positive again. I tell everyone I know how wonderful this place is.
Harold B.
Sara had been getting 10%’s and 20%’s on her spelling tests all year long, but this week she got an 80% on her test! She also just tested out at a Level 18 so she is being promoted to 2nd grade – thank you for helping her come so far so fast!
Jenessa H.
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